AllTuff USA Therapeutic Injury Wrap

  • Comes with:
    • Therapeutic Injury Wrap (1)
    • Straps (1)
  • Product Size:
    • 10 Inches Long
    • 7  Inches Wide

The AllTuff USA Therapeutic Injury Wrap is a specialized product that is designed to go around the knee after a workout or any kind of acute injury.  The AllTuff Therapeutic Injury Wrap is great to reduce swelling and pain that can occur from an acute injury or activities that aggravate a chronic injury.  The AllTuff USA Therapeutic Injury Wrap also comes with a specialized strap design that allows you to have the correct amount of compression to also promote healing.

The AllTuff Therapeutic Injury Wrap is made of a specialized Material that can charge at 58°F so there will not be any of the skin and tissue problems that can come with Ice. You do not want anything too cold on your skin, it can cause frostbite and other tissue damage.  The Therapeutic Injury Wrap will control pain and have a numbing effect.  When you chilled the injured area the blood vessels constrict.  If the injured area gets to cold it can completely shut off the blood flow to the injured area, which can cause tissue damage.  The AllTuff USA Injury Wrap will still allow limited blood flow to the injured area, this will reduce swelling, along with promoting healing. Being able to reduce swelling to an injury can limit the amount of time on pain medication.

  • By cooling the knee after an injury you will:
    • Reduce Bleeding into the tissues
    • Prevent/reduce swelling
    • Reduce muscle pain and spasms
    • Reduce pain by numbing the area and limiting the effects of swelling.
Therapeutic Injury Wrap

Therapeutic Injury Wrap


The AllTuff Therapeutic Injury Wrap also has a specially designed strapping system that allows for you do get the right amount of compression at the same time you are cooling.  The AllTuff Therapeutic Injury Wrap straps can hook directly to the product using the Hook and Loop attachment system.  This also allows for the user to tighten or loosen the straps to fit your exact needs.

Compression can also be very beneficial when trying to prevent swelling.  Too much swelling and inflammation can become unconformable and compression therapy in combination with cold therapy can reduce swelling.  Using compression therapy at the same time you are cooling an injury can also help lessen edema (fluid buildup) and inhibit range of motion at or near a joint. Active compression will also help stimulate the flow of lymph fluid.  Lymph Fluid plays a vital role in providing much-needed nutrients to an injured area.  Lymph Fluid also is vital in removing waste from the body.

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