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Welcome to AllTuff USA, we are an American manufacturer of phase change cooling products, including but not limited to a special blend of products that can recharge at room temperature.  We are very proud to make all of our products in the United States.

We have three different lines of cooling products:

Self-Charging- Blend of Phase Change Material that freezes at room temperature or any temperature below 78 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • This may not sound cool, however, it is approximately  18°F below body temperature so there is a nice cool feeling
  • Great for extremely warm conditions where the body will be super heated for any period of time

Super Cool– Blend of Phase Change Material that freezes at 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Super Cool Temp is great for a nice refreshing cooling, works great for the moderate heat.  The cooling time is less than the self-charging, however, you have a much cooler feel.

Heat Stress Safety- Blend of Phase Change Material that freezes at 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Works great for emergency cooling, when there is an emergency place a Heat Stress Safety Product on the individual and call 911

Make sure to also check out our made in USA EMT Bags and Totes!

Self-Charging Cooling Products (78°F)

Super Cool Products (58°F)

Heat Stress Safety Products (42°F)

Therapy Products